List of things to take during the Camino de Santiago

El the Camino de Santiago It is a unique experience that has come to change the lives of many of the people who have had the joy of making the journey.

There are those who spend years preparing to do it, learning about it, training, reading and researching. One of the most important points before doing the Camino de Santiago is think about what you should take for the tour. The idea is to go as light as possible and not overload your backpack with unnecessary things. By the way, if you don't want to carry weight you can always resort to transport of backpacks on the Camino de Santiago.

So that your walk is pleasant and unforgettable, we want to help you by presenting you with a list of things to take during the Camino de Santiago.

What to take to the Camino de Santiago

The backpack

One of the most important pieces of equipment to carry on your journey, not only because you will carry your luggage and belongings there, but also because you will have to carry it on your back and how comfortable it is or not can make the difference between having a pleasant journey or that, on the contrary, be uncomfortable.

Remember that the bigger the backpack, the more tempting you will be to pack more stuff you don't really need. A man can carry a backpack of up to 50 liters, while a 40-liter backpack is recommended for women. During the summer you can take one of between 30 and 35 liters, but in winter the most recommended is one of 40 to 45 liters.

It is also recommended that the backpack comes with a rain cover or that one can be purchased separately.

When choosing the backpack that you are going to carry during the Camino de Santiago, keep in mind what your intentions are. If you want to walk light, you can use the door-to-door services that collect your luggage in the morning and take it to your next accommodation for as little as €5-6 each way. That way you can carry a small backpack where you only carry the most important: your documentation, most valuable belongings, snacks/snacks and water.

Also make sure that the backpack you choose has padded straps and space to place a flask, thermos or water bottle.

How the backpack fits is also important. Remember that you want to avoid back pain. Most are designed not to carry the weight on the shoulders but on the hips, so choose one that has these characteristics.


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The shoes

Shoes are the most important piece of equipment you should consider for the Camino de Santiago, since most of the time you will be walking.

When choosing the most appropriate footwear, it is best not to use conventional sports or running shoes, but rather hiking boots. Athletic shoes may be comfortable at first, but after several days of walking on asphalt and cobblestones, your feet will end up suffering more than necessary.

sleeping bag/camping sheet

The recommendation of a sleeping bag is because some hostels provide their guests with blankets, but without blankets and, in these cases, it is better to use a sleeping bag.

If you do the Camino de Santiago during the summer, we recommend you take a camping sheet. If it gets really cold, you can use a blanket over the sheet.


There are those who prefer to carry a water bag instead of a bottle, but the first one takes up a lot of space inside the backpack and you run the risk of spilling it. The bottle, on the other hand, can go in one of the external compartments.

Tap water, both in Spain and Portugal, is drinkable, so you don't need a filter. In the case of the French Way Plateau, there are those who claim that the vital liquid has not gone down well with them, despite being drinkable, so if you do this route, we recommend using the filter.

Bag for personal items

A bag to be able to store your documents, cash, credit cards and mobile device, preferably waterproof, is an investment that you will appreciate. Most hostels do not have lockers/lockers, so always keeping your personal items with you in a safe place is a priority.

The hostels that do have lockers do not usually have a lock, so we recommend that you travel with one.

Other things to take during the Camino de Santiago that you should not forget

• A knife: You won't always find a sharp knife or can opener along the way.
• Power adapter: If you are not from Europe, remember that plugs are different on this continent.
• Ear plugs: You never know if someone who snores touches you nearby
• Headlamp: Hostels turn off the lights early and if you like to read at night or need light for anything else, it will be very useful.
• Sleep mask: And if you want to sleep before the lights go out, this article will come in handy.
• Plastic pegs and portable clothesline: Both are very useful if you need to put your clothes out to dry.
• Power bank: Always useful to charge your mobile devices when you run out of batteries
• First aid kit and medicines

And if we talk about the clothes you should wear:

• Oilskin
• Trekking pants
• Hiking shirt
• Hoodie
• Hiking socks
• Cap or hat
• Sunglasses
• Underwear
• Sleeping clothes
• Extra clothes to change into
• Thermal
• Leggings
• Gloves

In the case of clothing, remember that everything depends on the season when you do the Camino de Santiago. If it is rainy season or winter, you will need things that keep you warmer. If you do it in summer, you will wear much lighter clothes.


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