Do the Camino de Santiago, alone or accompanied?

Make the the Camino de Santiago It is a wonderful experience that can change your life. The opportunity to take the same route that the Apostle James to preach the Gospel and enjoy beautiful landscapes, among many other things, leaves a mark on the mind, soul and heart of the people who have had that joy.

Being in perennial contact with nature and enjoying the most beautiful landscapes, meeting people of so many nationalities, being able to meditate and think while you walk, going through cities and towns where you have never been and being able to share with their inhabitants, savor the most delicious dishes and give thanks to life for each step you take, are enough reasons to consider making this journey.

Camino de Santiago alone or accompanied

In the process of make the road to Santiagoalso comes into play decide which route you will take, how many kilometers you will walk per day, where you will stay, which backpack you should buy, make the list of things you should take and many other decisions that will make your trip much more bearable.

One of the most important decisions you have to make is if this is a time to be alone with you or if it is something you can share with a third person or people. That is why we want to present you in this article a series of advantages and disadvantages that allow you to decide if you should do the Camino de Santiago alone or accompanied.

Do the Camino de Santiago alone

Perhaps the first feeling that overwhelms you when you decide to take the first steps of the Camino de Santiago alone, is the same when you went to university far from home, or moved to a flat alone, or when you left your country and left family and friends behind. It's a strange feeling of emptiness that can be a bit depressing. But, in this case, it will be the opposite. We are talking about one of the most enriching experiences of your life.

Advantages of traveling alone

Doing the Camino de Santiago alone has its advantages. We could say that the first one is that you can do what you want when you want without having to consult anyone, except yourself.

Every morning you just have to accommodate your backpack with your belongings on your back and start your journey. you will walk at your own pace, making the stops you want to make and without having to ask for the opinion or permission of whoever might be accompanying you on the trip.

One of the biggest attractions of doing the Camino de Santiago is being able to be in contact with nature. This experience allows you to connect with your inner self, get to know yourself better, think, meditate and breathe. These are situations that we forget to do every day because of routine and stress.

During the Camino de Santiago there are many people you can meet and with whom you can share. Doing the journey alone allows you to get closer and make new friends, something that would surely be very difficult if you were in the company of someone.

Disadvantages of traveling alone

But making the trek can also have its drawbacks. For example, if you are concerned about walking at night due to security issues, we can guarantee that this issue is fully addressed by the authorities. In fact, it is something that should bother you the least on the Camino de Santiago.

If you travel alone, it is important that you are pending your belongings because there will always be someone who wants to take something that does not belong to them.

Despite the fact that the entire route of the Camino de Santiago is very well signposted, one of the greatest anxieties of those who make the pilgrimage is that they may get lost or disoriented.

When you are accompanied, you have at least four eyes to keep an eye on the journey. The important is watch out for crossroads or intersections and always follow the indications of the famous yellow arrow that shows us where we should walk.

Make the Camino de Santiago accompanied

The other side of the coin is doing the Camino de Santiago in the company of a partner, a friend or family member, or a group. Not because you are accompanied, the journey ceases to be an enriching experience.

Advantages of doing the Camino in company

One of the greatest advantages is that you will precisely be accompanied by someone you know with whom you can talk, laugh or simply share the experiences of such an extraordinary trip.

Another advantage is that, in case of any urgency or inconvenience, you will have a person by your side who can assist you.

When you have to walk a route where there are no others on pilgrimage, you will not feel the same fear that you would feel if you had to do it alone, since you are in the company of someone who gives you peace of mind and security.

Disadvantages of doing the accompanied path

The biggest disadvantage of doing the Camino de Santiago in the company of someone is that everyone goes at their own pace. Sometimes you will have to wait for the person, give them a chance to rest a bit and regain their strength. In conclusion, you have to be flexible and tolerant.

Whatever your final decision, go alone or in the company of someone, neither of the two options prevents you from doing what is truly important: the road.



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