Hotels in Arzua

Hotel Rectoral of Boente

The Hotel Rectoral de Boente is a former residence of the priests of the parish of Boente, in Arzúa, now converted into a house for tourist use for pilgrims on the French and primitive way, and for vacationers in general. this lodging

Hotel Switzerland - Arzua

Hotel Switzerland

The Hotel Suiza is one of the hotels in Arzúa, it is located at the exit of the town towards Santiago de Compostela, it is 80 meters from the Camino de Santiago, it has a terrace and a garden. It has rooms with TV with

Sedor Manor

The Pazo de Sedor is a XNUMXth century mansion restored to become a pleasant place to accommodate pilgrims and tourists looking for a place full of tranquility and comfort. This accommodation has rooms with TV, Wi

Pazo Santa Maria

The Pazo Santa María is a hotel in Arzúa built in the 1th century, the hotel is located 35.000 km from the French road, it has XNUMX m² of gardens, where you can relax and take a good walk enjoying its

A Curuxa Wellness Hotel

The A Curuxa Wellness hotel is located in Arzúa, a place where you can disconnect, with a good massage, spa, sauna, and an outdoor pool. This hotel has very comfortable rooms, all with heating and air conditioning, bathroom

Hotel Arzua

Hotel Arzua

If you are going to pass through Arzúa on the way to Santiago, for tourism to get to know Galicia or for any event or party, the Hotel Arzúa is the best option to sleep here. This new hotel has rooms

1930Boutique Hotel

1930 Boutique is a newly restored hotel, this three-star hotel offers you an unforgettable stay, every detail designed to make you want to come back. It has rooms with bath or shower, hair dryer, toaster, kettle, oven, tv,

Arzúa is one of the last stages of the Camino de Santiago, which is why Arzua hotels They can be a great option to give yourself a luxury and rest comfortably to face the last 40 km of the road.

In the town of Arzúa you can find more than one hotel, so you don't have to worry about anything, just arrive and rest, with breakfast, lunch or dinner included.

Easy right?... so now you know, from here you can book a hotel in Arzúa – A Coruña, see prices, photos of the hotels and compare to choose the best option for sleep in a hotel in Arzúa, one night or several nights if you come for tourism to get to know Galicia.

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