Campsites in Arzua

Teiraboa Base Camp

Teiraboa Base Camp is a complex where you can stay in different types of options; bungalows, caravans and tents. This campsite is located at the entrance to Arzúa, behind the Teiraboa gas station. It has 5

Find here the campsites in Arzua where you can both stay in a tent for 5 euros and if you come in a caravan park or rent one from 25 euros.

If what you want is something more comfortable you can sleep in a bungalow, there are different sizes for groups of 4 people or more. Enjoy your stay in a campsite in Arzúa and book directly the desired option. Click on the campsite to see more information.

And if you can't find what you're looking for because there is currently only one campsite in Arzúa, the Teiraboa Base Camp, we recommend you look at other options such as the pensions of Arzúa or hostels in Arzua.