10 reasons to do the Camino de Santiago

El the Camino de Santiago It is a pilgrimage of medieval origin that takes place to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain, where, according to legend, the remains of the apostle Santiago rest.

It has become popular over the centuries, to the point that, today, it is considered by UNESCO as Heritage, for its important role in promoting cultural exchanges between people from all over Europe and the world.

Today, it is not only a pilgrimage, but for many people it has become an opportunity to have a life experience. For others it is an excellent opportunity to exercise and for others a good time to live an adventure.

The truth be told that all those who dare to do the Camino de Santiago do so for a specific reason, be it religious, spiritual, health or, as we said, for the simple reason of experiencing the adventure.

10 reasons to do the Camino de Santiago

Whatever the reasons, we want to present below what we consider to be the best 10 reasons to do the Camino de Santiago.


Making the pilgrimage to the site where the apostle Santiago supposedly preached the Gospel and where his remains rest is something very moving for those who practice Catholicism.

In addition, on the route, the walker will come across different Catholic images and representations that will bring him much closer to his religion.


Beyond the religious theme, the Camino de Santiago also represents a opportunity for people to connect with the spiritual and holistic. There is a spirit of acceptance between all the people and for the different reasons that make the journey.

Those who have completed the journey, especially the youngest, agree that the experience was also an opportunity to grow and mature.

Meditate and thank

The Camino de Santiago is also an opportunity to meditate. The route, the landscapes, the towns and the contact with nature serve so that the walker can spend time with yourself, thinking and meditating on his life.

It is also an opportunity to say thank you for being alive, for having the ability to take a tour like that, and for meeting people of so many nationalities and cultures.

walk and exercise

Although there is a religious/spiritual theme in everything that encompasses the Camino de Santiago, there is also the importance of being able to exercise our body, strengthen our muscles and oxygenate our mind through the walk.

One of the advantages is that the routes are very well marked and most are suitable for all levels of fitness.

enjoy the ride

When we think of vacations, images of hotels, planes, shopping, etc. come to mind. That's fine. But the Camino de Santiago also gives us the opportunity to enjoy every step of this fascinating journey.

It is not only about reaching the destination, it is about everything that we find on the route and that will remain in our memory.

Culture and History

A pilgrimage that has existed for so many centuries has to be loaded with a lot of culture and history and, in the case of the Camino de Santiago, it could not be different. Throughout the entire route, the traveler will come across cities and towns with churches and monuments of great importance.

Beautiful landscapes

From the French Pyrenees, passing through the forests and hills of Galicia or the coastal paths of the Camino del Norte, the Camino de Santiago is a excellent opportunity to get in touch with beautiful natural landscapes.

But there is also the opportunity to appreciate the simplicity of country life; of the villagers milking the cows or taking them to graze; to see them take care of their orchards; to walk along paths of fallen dry leaves; and small streets decorated with cobblestones.

Cultural exchange

Not only will you have the opportunity to share with the inhabitants of the places you get to know, but you will also meet people of other nationalities and, if the language is not a barrier, you can make friends from different parts of the world.

One of the most pleasant memories after completing the route is taking with you the stories of the people you met and what motivated them to do the Camino de Santiago.


Each region and each town has its customs, its traditions and its tasty food. The Camino de Santiago represents the opportunity for you to try the most exquisite dishes, as well as local wines.

And of course, if anywhere you eat really well, it is undoubtedly in Galicia, where you can try the different flavors of its gastronomy.

By Compostela (or Compostela)

For many people, doing and completing the Camino de Santiago represents a challenge. For show that the route was made, the walker becomes a creditor of the official certificate known as Compostela (or also Compostela). To obtain it, it is necessary to walk the last 100 kilometers (62 miles) of the Camino (200 km / 124 miles if you are cycling).

There may be many more reasons and reasons for doing the Camino de Santiago. But, without a doubt, the most important reason is the one that motivates you, dear reader, to complete this beautiful journey.


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